By Funmi Sunmonu

10/4 – “The Break Up” All of Glee’s central couples go through an impasse.

For the past several weeks, everyone has been saying how Glee’s “The Break Up” was going to be the best episode of the series. I won’t go there, because frankly it wasn’t. What I will say was this is the best episode of the season. Let’s break things down based on each couple:

Finn and Rachel: Rachel has been trying to get a hold of her boyfriend for months with no avail. Where the hell has Finn been and why did he think it was even remotely acceptable to not contact his ex-fiance? Just when Rachel was finally getting comfortable with Brody, guess who knocks on her door? Finn’s back in town and his hopeless “who am I?” stick is in his backpack. Rachel want’s to include him in her life in New York, take him to her classes and have him participate her social life but Finn isn’t feeling it. After a fight, he sneaks out of Rachel and Kurt’s loft in the middle of the night. Okay, Finn, you’re NOT helping your cause here AT ALL. Rachel then buys a plane ticket from New York back to Lima to confront him. She says, she needs a MAN not a BOY and it’s not Finn’s place to say how she feels. Finn was her first love, but they’re over. At least for now. This has been the most adult these two have ever been and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for each of them.

Kurt and Blaine: Kurt’s super busy. His internship at could lead to a job and he wants to do a really good job. UNDERSTOOD Kurt! Blaine feels lonely and wants to talk to his boyfriend. There weeks of estrangement leads to a phone conversation which ends with Blaine saying, “I love you” to a dial tone. Whooops. Blaine is supposed to visit New York within the next week, but changes his plane ticket to surprise Kurt two weeks earlier. How can these people pay for these last minute plane tickets? Have you seen the prices for tickets lately? Kurt is extremely excited to see Blaine, but Blaine is mostly just sad. After performing a utterly heartbreaking rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Kurt asks Blaine what’s been bothering him. Blaine admits to having cheated! What the what?! Kurt, no surprisingly is devastated. Outcome: Not exactly broken up, but definitely broken.

Santana and Brittany: Santana’s back ya’ll! Shes in Lima to visit Brittany and do her laundry. Things are a little rusty between the two. We’ve already seen that Brittany is having a hard time at school and feels a little lost. What of Santana. She’s seem to be getting along well at college. However, she’s worried about Brittany and how she’s doing at McKinley. Brittany admits she’s been feeling left behind. Santana tells Brittany that she loves her but she had “a moment” with a girl at her college library. She wants her and Brittany to be “adults” about the status of their relationship. Outcome: Are they officially broken up or just “on a break?”

Will and Emma:I’m going to keep this one short because I don’t really see they’re issues as a huge problem, nor a break up. Will gets into “The Blue Ribbon Panel to Improve Arts Education” program in Washington, D.C and wants Emma to take a sabbatical and join him. She’s tenure so her job will be waiting for her when she gets back. Emma will visit on the weekends, but has no interest in picking up and moving to join him in Washington. Listen, this is what happens in adult relationships. Sometimes jobs or experiences take you away for periods of time. Adults work that shit out. Outcome, not broken up. To me, they just have a differing of opinion.

Songs from “The Break Up”

* Blaine and Finn, “Barely Breathing”: B + Finn sounded great! Such a great song from the 90s!
* Rachel and Brody, “Give Your Heart a Break”: B Rachel singing on any song elevates it to be pretty great!
* Blaine, “Teenage Dream”: A This was completely heartbreaking and said. Blaine bared his soul with this one.
* Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine, “Don’t Speak”: B- It was good, but not great. The only part I really liked with the bridge
* Santana, “Mine”: B
* Finn, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Will and Emma: “The Scientist”: A Amazing all around!!
Thursday – 9/27 “Makeover”

On tonight’s episode of Glee Brittany and Blaine battle for student-council president and Kurt lands an internship at Vogue with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Blaine’s a little loss this week and really misses Kurt so he decides the best way to not feel out of sorts is to join every club posted on the bulletin board of McKinley. (Hey Tom, there was a mention of Tremein this episode!)  He joins a club called “Superheros” but the way it’s written looks like “superhead” DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT BOOK WRITTEN BY KARRINE STEFFANS?! She was that video ho who became famous for giving good h—. So what’s the one thing Blaine decides to do that will really pull him out of the dumps? Run for student-council president against a miss Brittany S Pierce. Oh no he didn’t! Dear God, shot me now because I already hate this episode.

Brittany thinks she needs a good running mate to win and retain her title as class president so she asks Arty to be her running mate.

It’s speech time and the auditorium is not shockingly empty. Arty is first to go and rambles on and on about student government to a completely uninterested audience.

Sam strips when a question is asked from “the twitter,” about the rumor “last year [he] was a stripper.”

Then Blaine gives an impassioned speech I don’t care to write about.

Finally Brittany goes and explains she should remain student council president because she loves McKinley and if they re-elect her, she’ll “outlaw summer vacation so the [students of McKinley] will have school all year round. They’ll spend everyday of every summer indoors with all their friends inside McKinley’s award winning air conditioning. She also promises to get ride of weekends.” Arty says they just lost the election. Yeaaaa… Arty, ya did.

Back in New York, Kurt is trying to land an internship at “” with Isabelle Wright played by Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought you had to be a college student to be an intern? Those were the rules when I was in college. See internships don’t pay you, so you have to receive some sort of compensation i.e, college credit. He gets the job because he’s from Columbus and can “pull off a hippo broach.”

Isabelle is unsure of herself and entirely to open with Kurt who’s an intern and just started. I don’t understand what’s going on here. She’s treating Kurt like he’s a trusted assistant whose worked for her for several years, instead of an intern she JUST MET!

At first it appears as thought Kurt messed up his internship by sneaking Rachel into the Vogue “couture closet.” This entire scene is like the Sex and the City episode called “A Vogue Idea.” When Carrie and her boss go to the Vogue closet to try on new clothes and he ends up hitting on her. I get the “homage” to Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City, but it felt like blatant copyright infringement . Kurt explains to Isabelle who happens to catch them with 2 security guards that they were going to do a music video. Guess what? Isabelle LOVES that idea and joins in on the fun! Rachel gets to play barbie as they put her in different outfits and Isabelle gets inspired sends the video to Anna Wintour. Anna’s response? “Great–Anna.” Whatever….

Songs from “Makeover:”

Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears For Fears – Blaine – It’s blah… I’m uninterested and unimpressed. It gets a C.  

Celebrity Skin by Hole – Brittany and Sam rocked it out B. 

The Way you Look Tonight / You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile mash up – Isabelle, Kurt, Rachel – Out of respect for miss SJP I’ll give this one a B.

A Change Will Do You Good – Rachel and Brody – B

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