Modern Family

Reviewed by Tom Ciuba

“Arrested” continued what’s, in my opinion, a downward spiral that Modern Family is heading down.

In last night’s episode, Hayley is arrested at school for drinking underage at a party. So, Phil and Clare drag Mitchell with them up to campus to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Deedee (Shelley Long) comes back in town for a visit and learns of Gloria’s pregnancy. Cam, who scored the job of babysitting Luke and Alex while Phil and Clare went to rescue Hayley, screws things up royally and lands both kids in the hospital.

First, it was refreshing to see Sarah Hyland back. I knew from day one they would find a way to get Hayley to come home from school, because the show is just not the same without her. However, I still struggle to find any humor whatsoever in Gloria’s pregnancy. Also, Luke and Alex are painfully unfunny this season. I’m starting to think the show may benefit from shorter-season runs so that writers can keep their ideas fresher, but I know that comedies/sitcoms rarely take that track.

Is anyone else not feeling Modern Family so much anymore?

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