Review of “Halloween”- Aired 10/23/12

Halloween time is so much fun, and Modern Family took full advantage of everything that makes Halloween so great in tonight’s episode!

Cam and Mitch threw a party, which Jay and Gloria attended. Meanwhile, Phil had to work an open house, while Clare moped around at home after the neighborhood boycotted the Dunphy house for trick-or-treating due to antics that were deemed too scary the previous year. She did, however, decide to have a little fun and went over to the big, empty house to give Phil a little trick of his own.

The costumes were great. Gloria as a bloated alien was hysterical, and Clare as Little Bo Peep was so ironically humorous (as she’s anything but a nice little sweet girl). Even greater, though, was the scene in which Clare attempts to frighten Phil when the last of the open house visitors leave. It was actually spooky as hell! Stylistically, it was filmed and crafted like a horror movie, which are my absolute addiction in life. Good job, Modern Family team, for mixing it up a bit. Much love for the homage to When a Stranger Calls, too.

A couple of critical words, however. Please, please make Gloria’s pregnancy so much funnier. Maybe I’m just overestimating how much you can do with a pregnant chick, but I feel the writers just aren’t making that storyline as funny as it could be. Also, is it me…or is Lilly starting to get really annoying?! I can’t tell if the young actress is so terrible in her delivery of lines or just that good at playing an annoying, inquisitive toddler. And again, I missed Hailey! Can she please fail out of college or something? (I’m terrible, aren’t I??)

While this Halloween episode wasn’t nearly as funny as the one from season 2 (where the Dunphys decorate their house as a haunted house and everyone in the family participates in the skit), it was still a good effort. I don’t think they’ll ever top that episode, and they probably know that.


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