Review of “Jay’s Birthday”- Aired 9/26/12

Tonight one of the funniest shows on television returned. Modern Family kicked off its fourth season, and boy, it’s off to quite a start.

The episode revolved around Jay’s 65th birthday. Phil (Ty Burrell) and Jay’s (Ed O’Neill) two best friends kidnapped him and took him on a surprise fishing trip. While they were gone, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) got cold feet about having to tell Jay that she’s pregnant, and in the process, spilled the beans to Manny, who did not receive the news so well, and Clare (Julie Bowen), who could focus on nothing but taking joy in the fact that Gloria would soon get really fat. Meanwhile, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) continued to grieve the fact that a second adoption was not successful. In the end, Jay took the news very well and was excited that a baby would prevent him from succumbing to old age. In the last minute, we jump forward a few months and see a very pregnant Gloria and a family adjusting to the fact that there will soon be another little one running around.

The premiere was funny and touching. Four seasons in and the writers still know how to split your sides and tug at your heartstrings. Some of the best moments were Jay falling into the water, the colossal stuffed animals placed in sexual positions on top of Cam and Mitchell’s car, and Clare finding every which way not to have Dylan move into the house for a few weeks. (Phil looked really good with a beard, by the way!) It was also nice to see Clare looking out for Gloria’s feelings when she prepped Jay for the news and asked that he not react in a bad way.

I hope that the writers take their time with the pregnancy, though, as there could be some very funny moments involving an oversized and hormonal Gloria. I also think it might be a good time to get Cam to do something different than be a stay-at-home dad (although a kitten or puppy storyline, as hinted at tonight, could be really funny for that couple). Now that Lilly is of age to be in school, maybe they can have Cam enter the workforce! How funny would that be? Also, would love to see Alex break out of the nerd phase and let loose a little bit in her final few years of high school.

What’d you guys think? Is the show still fresh as ever for you?

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