Review of “Yard Sale”- Aired 10/30/12

“Yard Sale” was the first time in a long that I felt Modern Family might be jumping the shark.

In the episode, the entire family gathers at Gloria and Jay’s for a family garage sale, attempting to make a little extra dough.

Everything about the episode was just bland. Gloria’s ventriloquist doll was not funny, and she was terrible at doing it! Cam’s fat pants scenario was also not funny. Phil taking off on the motorcycle and getting into an accident, followed by the 127 Hours-esque spoof, seemed random and out of place.

I originally thought the show might suffer from Sarah Hyland’s absence, but I think the writers are just out of gags to make us laugh anymore. The scenarios that serve as center plot devices for the episodes still feel very real and true-to-life, but they writers have lost their touch to add true, side-splitting humor to them.

What’d you guys think?

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