Review of “There’s Something I Need to Tell You…”- Aired 10/9/12

“There’s Something I Need to Tell You…” was, for me, the most emotional episode of the entire series so far.

The episode started with Julia drowning in deadlines at work, no longer able to find the perfect work-life balance. Things got even crazier from there, with Hank kissing Sarah as they developed photos in the black room and with Jasmine influencing Crosby to believe that he should be making more money in his partnership with Adam. Zeek also continued to try to win over Afghanistan veteran Ryan. Ryan caved and ended up attending one of Victor’s baseball games with the family, only to hit it off well with Amber. Most importantly, however, Kristina decided to tell Haddie and Max about her cancer and then proceeded to inform the rest of the family over a group dinner.

I cannot tell you how much I cried when Haddie walked in to the restaurant at the very end, surprising Kristina to show her support and love for her. That was one of the most moving moments on television in a long while. Parenthood touches my heart in so many ways, and this episode was a testament to that. It makes me miss my family, and that’s a very good thing when a show can get you to relate on that kind of level.

I am also glad that we are starting to see the early buds of romance for Amber. It’s about time the damn girl got a man! We’ve never really seen the writers explore romance with her, and I think it’d be a fresh angle. And, again, Joel was ever so cute when Victor hit a three-run homerun, leading his team to win the game. That man is the epitome of what a father ought to be!

I did, however, have some issues with the episode. First, the Julia storyline was a bit out of left field and a little unbelievable. Julia has always been determined and focused, and now all the sudden we’re supposed to believe that an adoption has thrown her off? How come having a baby of her own didn’t affect her in such a way? We have no backstory of her struggling with work-life balance when she had Sidney. Plus, I thought everything was better at home now? Victor seemed to be settling in just fine to me in the last episode when he was playing an intimate game of catch with Joel. And because she missed one recital, we’re supposed to believe she decides to just quit? Maybe the writers are looking to explore some role reversal here—with Joel now going to work and Julia trying the stay-at-home thing. But, I thought we’ve been there before…? Also, Sarah’s reaction to Hank kissing her was a little…off. We’ve gotten no signs that her relationship with Mark is anything but great. Why would a kiss from Hank, who hasn’t been all that nice to Sarah in the first place, throw her off? Are they looking for a way to write Jason Ritter out? Finally, this was the first time we’ve seen Drew in a few episodes. Can we get more of him, please? Miles Heizer is a great young actor, and he should get the chance to showcase his talent more. Plus, think of the storylines you can do with a senior in high school—drugs, parties, college apps, sex addiction, senioritis, drinking, getting someone pregnant, bullying or being bullied…the list goes on!

Despite my whining, I send a sincere thanks to NBC execs for tugging at my heartstrings this week. You bastards!

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