By Funmi Sunmonu

“Forgiveness” – Emily and Victoria face people from their past, Jack tackles his responsibilities, and Padma does a bad, bad thing.

Flashback – David saves Amanda from her mother, as Kara was drowning her. In present day, Victoria is freaking out because Kara Clarke is back in town and Victoria thought she was dead a long time ago. Did anyone else love Madeline Stowe’s reaction to that hug and garden sheers? To funny!

Amanda is awake – booo… I kid, I kid. But on a brighter note, baby is fine. But Jack and Amanda are now fully back on and with the blessing of Emily. This week Amanda played a central role in the back and forth between Kara and Victoria. Kara visits Amanda in the hospital, but she understandably makes Amanda uncomfortable, so Emily offers to five her home.

Aiden has dinner with Daniel and Ashley about business. Aiden’s acting as a proxy for Takeda, he’s waiting at Emily’s house to tell her that Nolan’s CFO – Padma is inquiring about David Clarke’s investment into Nolan’ company. On the security camera, Emily see’s that her mother is calling Gordan’s cell. I miss the Clam Cam! Can they get it back? Aiden goes back to Daniel about Nolcorp. Aiden tells Daniel that if Daniel invested in Nolcorp the company would have a controlling interest. Uh – WTF? I hope Nolan is able to stop wherever this is going.

While Emily is watching Carl –Eww… really, with that name?  Kara stops by the hospital. Emily and Kara have their first interaction with one another. Sideline – Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Kara doesn’t know Emily is really her daughter? What happened to all those stories, news, god, anything where you hear a woman say, “A mother knows her child?” This really does bother me! Okay, Kara is/was crazy…but shouldn’t she still know the person she gave birth too? WTF! In a touching moment between Kara and Amanda, Kara asks forgiveness for leaving her daughter and coming up with the lie that she was long dead. Without coming out and actually saying she tried to kill her daughter, she does acknowledge that she was very sick.

Victoria is freaking out, as she should be. Too many people know her and Conrad’s secrets. So Conrad comes up with a “brilliant” idea to get remarried. Let’s see how this works out…

Mason is on to the Amanda and Emily switcharoo. He’s annoying, but I enjoy what he brings to the table.

Jack and Declan…#no1curr…#lameandboringstoryline. Sell the damn bar already. Geezzzz.

“Intuition” We find out more about Emily’s mother, FauxAmanda has a horrible accident

Last night there was a lot going on in the Hamptons – let’s get started.

Emily, Amanda and the Graysons: Emily is still on her quest to find where her birth mother is. She comes up with a plan to have Amanda blackmail Victoria for $100,000 in exchange for Daniel Clarke’s journals.  Victoria calls Amanda over to Grayson Manor so they can have a chat. She wants the journals and is prepared to Amanda whatever she’s demanding for them. She’s also offering to give Amanda a baby shower! Emily forces Amanda to say yes. This is the beginning of a very bad situation. At the baby shower, Amanda shows up with her stripper friends. The whole scene is really rather hilarious. During the gifts portion of the baby shower, Victoria gives Amanda a journal – something where she can write down all of her special baby moments. Inside the journal is a check for $100,000. Emily’s plan worked! It wasn’t so much the check she wanted, but proof that Victoria visited Emily’s mother in the psych ward and signed her name as Charlotte Clarke. In a confrontation Emily pushed Amanda to have – at the top of the stairs; Amanda and Victoria get into an argument over Victoria’s lies about Emily’s mother. Victoria tells Amanda that her mother tried to kill her – something her father never wanted her to know. Somehow, in this altercation, Amanda goes over the stair railing! Reminder, Amanda is pregnant! Watching her go over the railing was horrible, so was watching the amount of blood her fall caused. Amanda gets rushed to the hospital and she begs Emily to make sure they save her baby. At the hospital – things aren’t looking good. They had to do an emergency C-section to have the baby and put Amanda in a coma to stop her swelling. Although things look bleak now, I’m willing to bet that everything will work out okay for Amanda, her baby and Jack.

Nolan and Padma:  Padma drops a bomb on Nolan – his father died and someone needs to claim his belongings. Problem, Nolan had no idea his father had passed. Nolan brushes off the news as if he doesn’t care, but Padma sees through this façade. She goes to claim his belongings and brings a book Nolan’s father kept of all the success Nolan has had in his career. This makes poor Nolan breakdown! Oh Nolan – I hate to see you cry! Nolan goes with Padma to his father’s storage unit to look through and collect his information. Okay, here is my question for you guys – I think Padma is up to something. I hope she’s not because I would like for Nolan to have a nice romantic relationship with someone, but I got a vibe from her when she was going through financial records. What do you all think?

Aiden and Kara (aka Emily’s mom): After being notified by Emily that Aiden met her mother, he decided to take a trip back to the motel and confront her. This time he uses his real accent and Kara notices. She says her HUSBAND – what!?! Gordon and her were married? He had a plan for her if he didn’t show up. So she’s going to follow that plan. But not before she gets one over Aiden. She zaps him with a stun gun and ties him up. She leaves and Aiden escapes.

“Confidence” What’s the history between Emily and Aiden? Victoria Grayson drops a bomb

We open in Japan 2008. Emily and Aiden are in training. Takeda is putting them through another test. As they’re being chased by wolves they both have to run and get over a hedge. Turns out they’re in a race with each other to get to a white flag first. Aiden uses Emily’s vulnerability to win. She’s pissed, I would be too, you got suckered boo.

Cut to present day: Emily is still pissed at Aiden, but this time it’s because he killed the White-Haired man. She thought he would help her find her mom. on the account of him now being dead, he won’t do that, but she did learn something new — he was in a relationship with her mom.  A romantic one. Kinda gross, considering the kind of person he is, which makes me wonder, what kind of person is Emily’s mother?

Over at the Grayson’s everyone is trying to figure out what the next step is now that Victoria is back. Press conference! Give the “vultures” what they want to hear, so they forget about it and move on. Daniel still thinks his mother was kidnapped. Ugh, I’m going to need Daniel to get with the program. He’s like a used car salesman’s dream — so gullible. Victoria is giving an interview but is interrupted by Daniel, who FINALLY learns the truth after he gets a note that spells it out for him. Grayson family meeting! Daniel wants it ALL laid out on the table. But Victoria wants to put an end to all the BS. So she announces to an entire room full of journalist the truth! Charlotte is David Clarke’s daughter, Conrad stayed by her, and so will Daniel! I swear, Victoria is one, hard core chick. Emily tells Daniel, “The only way to beat your mother is by playing her game better than she does.” I don’t know about that Emily. I don’t know if you can beat Victoria.

Other important factors in the episode: Emily forces Amanda to go to the Grayson’s — where Victoria publicly acknowledges her as family. She loses Jack in the process. Oh well, sorry, but I’m over fauxAmanda and Jack together.

Aiden in the search for who the White-Haired man really is —  his real name is Gordon…not really what I was expecting for an professional killer. Anyway, Aiden meets Emily’s mother, without realizing who she is!

Nolan! – Nolan laid pretty low this episode, but he had some good one-liners. I’ll share my favs with you:

“Why does this keep happening to me?” Nolan after getting put in a chokehold by Aiden.

“All I could pull from it was his phone number, and he’s not answering.” After Emily asks Nolan if he could get any information from the White-hair man’s bullet holed cell phone.

“Resurrection” Emily tries to get back in the lives of the Grayson’s.

“Let the punishment fit the crime, Victoria took my mother away from me, it’s time I took her daughter away from her.” These are the words that Emily shares with Nolan in her attempt to seek her revenge on Victoria Grayson. Only problem is this little plan backfires on her.

We learned last week that Victoria Grayson is alive and well. Her plan is to get Charlotte’s inheritance and have the two run away. How much is Charlotte’s inheritance?  $632,000,000. In the words of Mark J Parker, DZZZZAAMMMM!!

Victoria runs into another problem. Conrad has succeeded in stealing Charlotte’s money. Like all of it. So now Victoria has to go to plan B. This involves Conrad and letting him know she’s alive. The look on his face when Victoria called him was priceless.

So the news is out, Victoria Grayson is still alive, back in the Grayson compound. Conrad is still a dirty dealer. Daniel, who at first was going to “make his father pay” for stealing his little sister’s money, now believes that he took it all to pay off Victoria’s kidnappers. Sigh.. Why is he so stupid? Emily needs to find another way into the Grayson household. Something tells me, she’ll find it in Daniel sooner rather than later.

Lastly, the white haired man. See Victoria tried setting him up as the kidnapper who was holding her for ransom. However, thanks to Emily and Nolan’s trusty, “clam cam” he knew that Conrad beating up Victoria was all caught on tape. So he reached out to Emily to get the footage. Emily lets her guard down and he tries to kill her!

Mysterious man ends up saving the day. Who is this dude?

“Destiny” – The stakes in Emily’s revenge have gotten higher, what will be her next move?

We open the second season with the Emily in the ocean and a DEAD MANS ARM! Cut back three months and Emily Throne is tied to a wooden post seriously close to drowning while Takeda and Aiden watch on. Then we see that Daniel and Ashley are together. Omg, it’s only a few minutes in and so much is happening!

Emily is struggling to free herself from the ropes that have her tied to the wooden post. She begins to vision her life with her mother and gets cut free. She’s angry because this has disrupted a memory she’s having and fights Aiden off. This leads Emily to pay a visit to Nolan. Awe Nolan, how I’ve missed you!

Emily and Nolan take a trip to the abandoned “Angel of Mercy Hospital” that understandably gives Nolan the creeps. Emily needs to find a file that she believes is still being kept there. Why wouldn’t they have transferred those files somewhere else?

Emily decides to find the answers she’s looking for; she needs to get in good with the Grayson’s again. This means paying a visit to Charlotte in the drug addiction ward. Well, hopefully that’ll work out for you, since your ex-fiance is now dating your former BFF. We all knew Ashley was a thirsty bitch; she got her hooks into Daniel rather quickly, didn’t she? Emily, Daniel and Ashley have their awkward first meeting and Daniel does his best to try and make it look like he’s moved on, but I think Emily got the upper hand on this one. He just came off looking desperate.

Elsewhere, Jack and Amanda are playing house but Jack doesn’t seem to really wanting to play the daddy card with “fauxAmanda.” He must feel something is off, there is Jack, she’s isn’t who you think she is and I can’t wait until we find out who’s baby that really is. Also, Jack you need to clean yourself up, cause I can’t root for you and Emily with the way you look right now.

This whole episode was “In Memoriam” to Victoria Grayson, it felt like one big countdown until she made her grand re-entrance. Well it doesn’t take too long for that to happen because after a big scene regarding Charlotte over drugs she runs to Emily and whispers something into Emily’s year. What did she say, what did she say?!!

Next scene, Emily’s knocking on a door and who answers but Victoria! She’s alive! Like anybody, thought for a second she wouldn’t be.

Turns out Victoria think Charlotte’s being set up by Conrad in order to get her inheritance and her doctors are in on it. Well, that’s probably not too far off since we all know what kind of man Conrad really is.

Emily returns home and shares the recent news with Nolan. He’s shocked but gets to work on a “clam cam” in order to spy on Victoria.

Jack stops by Emily’s house and she asks him if she’s sure that Amanda’s baby is his? He runs back to confront Amanda on this very subject and it doesn’t go well. Did he really think it would? Like any woman whose 8 months pregnant would take kindly to being called a whore? Okay, Jack.

The “clam cam” works well, because Emily learns that Victoria is working with the WHITE HAIRED MAN!

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