The Good Wife

By Funmi Sunmonu

“I Fought the Law” Kalinda’s husband forces his way back into her life. Diane and Will try to save the firm from financial ruin. 

It opens right where the season finale left off. Kalinda is sitting facing her front door. There’s a knock and her husband’s lackey walks in. He tells Kalinda that her husband wants her back and the missing money. A fight between the two of them occurs and Kalinda gets the upper hand. As if anyone would expect it any other way. Can I just say, this entire scene was so hot! Kalinda – you are AMAZING.

Alicia and her kids are one their way back home from Madison County and are pulled over by a local trooper. A trooper Alicia believes is profiling her children. This whole scene is making her late for Peter’s national campaign interview which Eli finds annoying. Frankly, this entire scene is rather annoying and has me curious as to why they would waste precious time with it. Turns out it was just another excuse to go after Peter Florrick. When will people learn that Peter doesn’t take to kindly to people going after his family? He handles the situation. Thank God, cause frankly this whole thing was a little boring and pointless.

In turns out “Lockhart & Gardner” is 60 million dollars in debt! What the F***!! In order not to be liquidated they are assigned a trustee to oversee their offices. It’s Nathan Lane! I always love it when he arrives on shows but he’s going to make them cut 30% of the firm’s budget. Not cool!

There’s a new client at “Lockhart & Gardner” but Will and Diane are dealing with the firm’s debt so they have Cary and Alicia deal with him. Something seems a little off with the guy. I’m still trying to figure out what it is until Kalinda catches eye of him and then it clicks! He’s her hubby and she’s not pleased to see him in her law firm. He leaves and she follows him into the elevator. They fight and they fight hard. I mean, this has to be one of the sexiest elevator scene’s I’ve seen. Archie Panjabi is working it this whole episode! As sexy as that scene was, there’s no surprise that it leads to her bedroom. 




Yay for Will! He’s a lawyer again!

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