Review for “The Butler’s Escape”- Aired 10/16/12

So, how priceless was it to see Cam in that yellow sweater with the musical note? His interaction with his students was the funniest part about the show.

In tonight’s episode, Jay dealt with the symptoms of Gloria’s pregnancy—namely her snoring and tossing and turning while sleeping. Cam started his first day as a music teacher and Mitchell attempted to take on some of Cam’s previous responsibilities with Lilly. Luke told Phil he didn’t want to be a magician anymore, and Alex used the rest of the Dunphy family as targets because she didn’t know whom else to bully in Hailey’s absence.

The episode, in general, was fine enough. Kind of meh (and it takes a lot for me to use that word).

Jay’s facial expressions, as always, were priceless. Several laugh-out-loud moments included Lilly in the freezer at the supermarket and Cam’s dancing around in the classroom to “funk” music. I think a lot of the humor, though, is absent with Hailey gone. Her stupidity and airheaded nature really added a lot to the show, and it’s only now becoming apparent. Also, has anyone else noticed Ty Burrell is looking really old this season? Girlfriend ain’t aging well! I’m glad they’re putting Cam to work. I believe I said that’d be a good story line in my review of the first episode this season. But, they need to amp it up a bit with the humor. After a great first two episodes, the most recent two have been so-so. I think there’s a lot more they could do with Gloria’s pregnancy. Here’s to hoping the writers have some really good antics up their sleeves for later on in the season…

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