Once Upon A Time

By Funmi Sunmonu

“Wait, so Peter Pan is the bad guy?”

Storybrooke | We’re rolling out on Once second season finale. It’s been an up and down season, there were times when I was completely enthralled in what was happening and times I was bored out of mind. Can we just all agree that Belle is boring and we don’t need anymore back story about her? Okay, thanks. 

The Charming family was together and we had hopes that grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and Henry would be one big happy family, but Neal’s bitch girlfriend Tamara had other plans. Last week he found out the truth, Tamara was just using him because she has another agenda. To rule the world with magic. So Neal got shot and got sucked into another portal. Leaving Emma sad.

Meanwhile Greg and Tamara kidnapped Regina, and stole the magic beans. Their plan? To blow away Storybrooke! If there was anytime that Regina needed to make piece with the Charmings and Mr. Gold it was now, because all they love and hold dear and near is about to go bye, bye.

Anyway, the season finale goes down and Regina with the help of Emma are able to stop the destruction of Storybrooke, only Greg and Tamara kidnap Henry and take him to Neverland. I gotta say, those two are really getting on my damn nerves. They gotta go! Thankfully hook managed to get a bean himself, so he’s on the way to save the day.. Side bar: Is anyone else sad about hook’s character? I had such high hopes for that character and all his potential. 

Speaking of characters who got wack, what happened to Mr. Gold? He was such a bad ass and then mid-way through the season, he got so lame. I’m telling you all, it’s Belle, she brings everyone down!

Oh, and in Neverland Hook saved Bae and wanted to keep him aboard his ship. That is until Bae realizes who Hook is and demands to go back to Neverland.. only when he gets there, he’s not really wanted. You know who is wanted though? Henry!

Alright folks, that’s a wrap on season two of Once Upon A Time. See you in the fall!

“Welcome to Storybrooke”

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed Once Upon A Time. Let’s take a moment to recap what’s been going on in Storybrooke. Regina and Cora were hell-bent on getting control of Rumple’s dagger so they could have total control of all the magic. Only Rumple was one step ahead of them. He got Mary Margaret to poison Cora’s heart and Mary Margaret tricked Regina into putting it back in Cora. Hence, Cora’s death, Mary Margaret’s regret and Regina’s vengeance.

Oh, and Emma’s ex Neal is Henry’s dad and Rumple’s son. Oh snap!

In tonight’s episode, “Welcome to Storybrooke,” we went back in time to see how the characters in Storybrooke came to be, so let’s dive in.

Past | We start off tonight’s episode 28 years earlier, it’s 1983 and a man and his son are having a camping trip until suddenly a violent storm approaches and pop’s up Storybrooke. Regina is on cloud 9, her spell worked and no one in town has any idea who they really are. Regina’s first stop is to Snow. She asks Snow how long she’s been working as a teacher. An answer Snow doesn’t seem to really know. Then she takes Snow to see David, only then he’s “John Doe.”

Everything seems to be working out perfectly, Regina’s baggin’ the hot Sheriff Graham again. (It’s great to see his face!) And everyone does what she wants. Only problem is that she’s stuck in a “Groundhog’s Day.” She wakes up, stares outside her window, says good morning to Dr. Hopper, watches Ruby and Granny fight over Ruby’s slutty attire, and bumps into Snow. She stops by to see Mr. Gold to complain about her spell, only Gold pretends(?) that he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Regina thinks she has a way to fix her problem. Kurt and Owen, the father and son from earlier — Regina has gotten attached to Owen because he gave her a friendship bracelet. This chick really needs to invest in some friends, it’s ain’t that serious boo. The whole time she was talking with Owen, I got this terrible feeling that she was going to so something horrible to him and his dad.

Well, I was right, she has Graham arrest Kurt and scares Owen away. He crosses the “Entering Storybrooke” sign and runs away. Leaving his father in Storybrooke and Owen parent less. Regina’s done a lot of awful things, but this one really got to me for some reason. It was very sad to watch. Owen tries to bring back the police to look for his father, but Regina cast a spell on Storybrooke, leaving it invisible. That.bitch.

Present Day | Well, since Mary Margaret was responsible for Cora’s death, Regina is out for blood! She’s kicking ass and takin names. She’s pretty pissed at Rumple too, but since she’s can’t do anything to him, she’s going after Mary Margaret.

Gold stops by the Charming household to warn them all that Regina is planning on using magic, a love spell to take back Henry and hurt Mary Margaret. Naturally the first thing that comes up in conversation is to kill Regina. Henry, the only voice of reason brings up a good point, THEY were supposed to be the good guys, when did they become murderers, also Regina is still his mom, so he has a slight problem with that course of action. Thank you, Henry!

Later, Henry’s having lunch with his dad, but then says he has to go to the bathroom, with his backpack. clearly Neal is still getting used to the dad thing, because he doesn’t realize Henry’s run off until Emma tells him so, “He’s your son!” Where is Henry going? Well off to the magic well to blow it up. This can’t be good.

Regina, Emma, David and Neal show up to save Henry. He’s the only one they’ll all listen to. He wants to destroy all the magic in Storybrooke, but if he does that, the audience would have a problem, because he would be ruining a huge chunk of the show. 😉

Back at the Charmings, Mary Margaret asks Rumple how one can live with themselves after doing bad things. “You tell yourself you did the right thing — and say it often enough that you might actually believe it,” he answers. Well, Mary Margaret can’t so she stops by Regina’s house to ask her to kill her. Regina rips out Mary Margaret’s heart and discovers it’s “blackened.” Regina says “I don’t need to destroy you.” “You’re doing it to yourself, and you’ll bring down your perfect little reunited family. And then Henry will be mine!” Regina says, “I can have everything! Thanks to you.”

Here’s the kicker, Greg, the guy who popped up in town was recording the whole thing! He gets in his car and we see him holding the same kind of friendship bracelet given to Regina earlier in the episode. He says, “I’ll find you dad. I promise.” Shiz is about to get real ya’ll.

“In the Name of the Brother”

Tonight’s episode kicks off right where we left off last week. Belle has been shot by Hook and fallen over the line to Storybrooke, so she doesn’t remember who she really is. Rumple of course is heartbroken over this, but that doesn’t stop him from always trying to go near her. Only problem is that everytime he does, she screams. If she continues’ to do this during the rest of the episode, this will get really annoying. So I’m going to need her to stop.

Belle, the new stranger in town and Hook are all brought to the hospital. The stranger needs surgery and so does Hook. Dr. Whale is getting paged of the loud speaker, but no one can seem to find him anywhere. After awhile, this gets to be ridiculous or three reasons: 1: He’s drunk and Snow is the only one who points this out. 2: Dr. Whale seems to have absolutely no interest in performing surgery. 3: Is there no other doctor in this hospital?

In order to find out more about the stranger – Emma, Snow, David, Ruby and one of the dwarfs go through his phone. We learn a couple of things about him, he’s name is Greg Mendell, he doesn’t have any number saved in his phone by name, he has a women in his life by the name of “HER” and he takes a lot of pictures of himself.

It’s all about Dr. Frankenstein in black & white. Turns out Viktor isn’t getting along to well with his dad. Mr. Frankenstein thinks son Viktor is just wasting his time and money. He needs to do something else with his life. But Viktor says he’s doing something huge, he’s creating life. The only time you can create life is when you have a baby Dr. Frankenstein, like really. The only person who’s supportive is the brother, Gerheart, except Gerheart gets shot while out with Viktor late one night. Oh, this is sad. They’re dad is going to be so angry at Viktor over this.

Dr. Frankenstein tries bringing him back, but as what happens when you try doing things like this, it doesn’t work out that well and Gerheart comes back “wrong.” He comes back so wrong actually that he kills their father after a fight with Viktor. Is it just me, or did it feel like that whole situation was a set up? I feel like Viktor planned that whole thing to get rid of his father. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold isn’t going to let a little set back with Belle and Hook stop him from finding his son. Just at the right moment he’s paid a visit from Cora who has brought him a piece offering. It’s a globe with the location of his son in exchange for Regina. Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say this is an offering Mr. Gold has no problem taking. So Mr. Gold is off to find his son, but first he’s cashing in that “favor” Emma owes him. She’s coming with him to find his son. Well, I’m sure that’s going to be a pleasant road trip.

Here are some of my favorite moment & quotes from tonight’s episode:

How hilarious was it when Emma and Snow realized Dr. Whale was Dr. Frankenstein?

Cora to Gold, “I brought you a gift.”

Gold to Cora, “Did you bring the antidote?”

Gold offering a bargain to Dr. Frankenstein and dropping a large amount of coins from a small bag: “Are you some kind of ventriloquist? Well, I’ve been called worse.”

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? We have to wait 3 weeks for the next new episode. Boo… sad face. 😦

“Pennsylvania – 2KFL 138”

I always have a hard time concentrating on Once Upon a Time when it’s Belle and Rumple centric. I find their love story a tedious and less interesting than the rest of the central characters, but I have to give credit where credit’s due – Belle rocked it tonight.

Entering Storybrooke – Gold shows up to the city red line with Williams Meade in the trunk. Turns out he wants to do some experimenting. He’s conjured up a potion to allow whoever crosses the line to remember who they are. Gold has every intention of finding his son, but he needs to be able to remember his life from the Fairytale world. Belle wants to come with him, but Gold won’t allow it. Gold only has enough for one object. Uh, can’t he make some more? Well, Hook has some plans of his own – he ends up attacking Belle in the Storybrooke library, but she’s able to get the best of him by hiding in the library’s old elevator. She calls Gold, but she’s got horrible service. Gold can barely make out what she’s saying. Gold’s able to make it to the library and get out Belle. Until he realizes to late that it was a set-up by Hook to get him out of the magic shop. Hook wants to take away Gold’s chance of seeing his son again. During this whole dance between Hook and Gold, I couldn’t help but wonder where was Cora? Is she still busy stalking Regina? Gold ends up telling Belle about his past marriage and Hook’s involvement. I thought they had this conversation already? She didn’t know he was married? Well, Belle decides to take it upon herself to save the day and go to Hook’s ship. She’s smart, that Belle – because she realizes it’s invisible. While looking for the stolen cloth that helps Rumple leave town she discovers Archie! Well, they resolved that issue really fast! That’s what I love about Once they don’t waste time! Gold arrives and attacks Hook, gets back his cloth / scarf and Gold gets to leave town. Only during his “see you later” interaction with Belle, Hook shows up AGAIN! Only this time, Hook gets the last laugh, so to speak. He shoots Belle and she falls over the town line! Oh No! We all know what this means, She doesn’t remember what who she is and according to Gold, that can’t be undone. Just when Gold is about to kill Hook, a stranger literally crashes into town.

License plate: 2KFL 138.

Fairytale Land – Belle is in need of some “adventure.” So she decides to take a chance on a wild wagon ride. Uh, okay… Belle’s in search of the Yaoguai. After a few setbacks, she teams up with Mulan to track it down. Belle doesn’t have any intention of killing it, she actually wants to save the Yaoguai and return it to its former self. After trapping it, she sprinkles fairy dust and reveals Prince Phillip?! Awe, this was a nice surprise. Belle introduces Prince Philip to Mulan — oh, I see what’s happening here! Very cute! Just as Belle sets off to find Rumpelstiltskin, she’s captured by the evil queen. Damn Regina, why are you so annoying sometimes?!

So what did you guys think of last night’s episode? Do you think Belle is ever going to remember who she really is? Who’s the stranger who made his way in Storybrooke?

“The Cricket Game”

Once is back from winter hiatus ya’ll, so let’s dive right IN!

In Storybrooke – Hook and Cora have made landfall. As they make their way off Hook’s boat, a nosey fisherman asks if they need any help. Cora tries to dismiss him, but he doesn’t take the hint and he ends up becoming a fish. Poor fisherman.

Meanwhile, there’s a party goin’ on! The townspeople are super excited to have Snow and Emma back home, so they throw a nice party for the Charming clan. Emma is nice enough to invite Regina who’s really turned a new leaf. Poor Regina, she comes to the party makes a delicious lasagna, but people still want nothing to do with her. What’s the poor woman to do?!

Regina leaves the party early and gets into a little argument Emma. Regina wants to see more of Henry, but Emma doesn’t think it’s a good idea. (Side note: Did I miss something in the last weeks? I knew Regina willing allowed Henry to go and stay with Emma in order to prove that she’s changing, but she never signed over legal rights, right? Technically – she could go and pick up Henry whenever she wants. So if I were Emma, I’d slow my role.)

After finding out that Archie told Emma Regina was changing for the better – Regina decided to pay him a visit. She wanted to remind him, as she had every right to, that he’s her therapist and shouldn’t be sharing their talks with anyone. Does doctor/ patient confidentiality not exist in Storybrooke? What the hell?

Cora and Hook watch this whole thing go down from afar and Cora thinks this would be the best way to really break Regina. So that bitch Cora disguises herself as Regina and kills Archie! Oh.NO.She.Did’t.

Emma, Snow and David try to get to the bottom of Archie’s death. David thinks Regina is guilty, but Emma has her doubts. So they pay a visit to Mr. Gold who uses a dream catcher on one of the dogs from 101 Dalmatians. Emma uses her magic to reveal Regina killing Archie. This is one of those times, where things aren’t quite as they appear to be. Poor Regina, Cora set out to break Regina and allowing the town and Henry to think she killed Archie did just that.

ONLY….. Archie isn’t dead! Cora killed someone else… Who… How is she supposed to know, she just arrived in town. Cora has Archie looked away on Hooks boat. He’s the town’s therapist and knows everyone’s deep and dark secret. So even though it may take some work, she’ll get that cricket to chirp.

Meanwhile, in Fairytale Land – Evil Regina is at it again. She’s attacking the army of Charming and Snow, but the lovebirds are winning. Regina can’t resist trying to go after Snow once she learns Snow’s by herself. However, it’s a setup by Snow and Charming to arrest Regina. They’re going to be setting her up a lot this episode.

At a meeting with the Fairytale council, it’s decided that Regina will be put to death for her crimes, only Snow can’t go through with it. She remembers a nice, kind, sweet Regina. Not the evil woman who constantly wants her dead.

In one more set up, Snow offers Regina her freedom. The chance to walk away and leave her behavior behind but just when you think Regina’s going to take the offer, she turns around and stabs Snow. However…Snow’s under a protection spell from Rumpelstiltskin.

Snow says Regina failed the test and that she’s banished from the land. But we all know how that turn out.

Did you guys like the first episode back from winter break? How long do you think it’s going to take everyone to realize that Cora and Hook are in town?

“The Doctor” – In Storybrooke, Regina thinks she being haunted by the ghost of Henry, in the Fairy Tale world, Regina tries to master the dark arts. Once does their own version of Dr. Frankenstein.

Fairytale – Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora make their way back to the village to figure out their next course of action. When they arrive, they discover that the entire village has been killed by Cora. Damn, she really is a bitch! The ladies find one survivor. Hook! (I love Hook on the show. He commands attention.) Emma wisely wonders why Cora would leave a survivor and draws a knife to Hook’s neck. After they tie him up to a tree, Emma demands to know who he really is. Surprisingly, he is rather honest about who he is, what Cora wanted him to do and why he wants to get back to Storybrooke so badly – to give Rumple an asswhoopin’.

Storybrooke – Regina is having a hard time not using magic. Gurl, it’s been two days. During her session with Archie, Dr. Whale storms in and demands he wants to be sent back, only Regina states that she can’t do that. Regina does admit, however that she brought her beloved Daniel to Storybrooke. He’s dead, but frozen in her family mausoleum. After she leaves the session, Regina sees Daniel standing out in the rain… Regina visit’s Dr. Whale’s lab, which is a hot mess, It looks like something bad took place. She finds Dr. Whale bleeding on the ground. He’s clearly in pain. Regina asks him if he brought Daniel back, he says he did. But “he came back a monster.” Uh oh – “It’s alive!” Regina brings Dr. Whale to the hospital and is confronted by James. She tells him that she needs to find Daniel. Problem – Daniel is on his way to find you, but first he finds Henry. Regina and James show up just in time. Regina and Daniel have their moment, she tells him she loves him, he tells her to let him go. Before he can attack her, Regina uses her magic to finally let him go.

Enchanted Forest – In a flashback during her therapy session, we see Regina is learning how to master dark magic from Rumplestiltskin. He wants her to kill a unicorn but she can’t do it. Rumple warns her to figure out what is holding her back. Good Regina is on a mission to find out who can help her bring back her beloved Henry. After an interaction between Jefferson and Rumple, good Regina and Jefferson have some words. Rumple is annoyed that Regina wants to bring back the dead, because “it can’t be done.” But Jefferson explains he knows someone who can bring back the dead. All he wants in return is a passport that will let him roam the lands. Jefferson brings Regina to the Wizard who can do this – it’s Dr. Whale! Regina brings him to Daniel and with a heart used from her mother’s “collection” the Wizard tries to bring Daniel back. However, this doesn’t work, because the heart isn’t strong enough.

Next week, Emma and Hook visit the Giant up the beanstalk. This season is kicking ass!

“The Crocodile” Captain Hook makes his appearance. Rumple has some problems in his marriage.

Even though I was excited about this episode because of Captain Hook, I have to admit, the entire Sunday night lineup left me feeling a little underwhelmed. So let’s begin with Once.

Enchanted Forest: Rumple (before he becomes Rumpelstiltskin) returns home to see his son Baelfire alone. He wonders where his wife, Milah could be. He wanders and discovers her in a pub having a couple of drinks with the hot pirate Killian Jones. Turns out Milah is over Rumple – she thinks he’s boring and a pussy. Well, he kinda is, so we can’t fault her there. Milah leaves Rumple because she has fallen in love with Killian Jones. The stories he told about his adventures caught her attention and I’m sure his looks don’t hurt. Cut to several years later – the now evil Rumpelstiltskin finds Jones- they both want a magic bean that can transport people between worlds.  Rumple challenges Jones to a fight. It’s more over the fact that Jones stole Rumples wife and less about the bean.

When Rumple and Jones’ fight, Jones tells Rumple that Milah died several years earlier. This leads Rumple to push his fist through Jones chest to rip out his heart. Well, guess who shows up – Milah! It turns out Jones was lying and Milah is alive. Not only is she alive, but she also knows where the magic bean is. She’ll give it to Rumple in exchange for Jones and her life. She is honest with Rumple – and tells him that she never loved him and fell in love with Jones. So she had to leave him and Baelfire for a life with Jones. We’ve learned at this point, Rumple is not the best person to piss of, but unfortunately for Milah, she has done just this. Perhaps sensing what is about to happen, she tosses the magic bean to Jones. Right before Rumple kills her! He tears out her heart and crushes it to dust – BASTARD! Jones then stabs Rumple in the chest – but nothing happens. So guess what Rumple does ya’ll? He cuts off Jones hand! Leaving him to become the infamous Captain Hook!

Rumple grabs Jones hand and poofs away, thinking he got the magic bean. But somewhere and somehow, Jones switched it to his other hand. Captain Hook throws the magic bean into the sea and takes his ship and crew to Neverland!

Storybrooke:  Mr. Gold is on the lookout for Belle. She left him after a discussion over magic. Belle wants Mr. Gold to stop with all the magic, but Gold can’t. He says magic is power and he can’t give it up. After she leaves him, Gold tries to find her, but she’s disappeared. Turns out, her father is a bit of a psycho and doesn’t want her with Gold. This is a understandable, given Gold’s past, but he goes about it in the wrong ways. He tries to send Belle across the city lines so she’ll forget who she is and forget Mr. Gold.  Oh no Daddy didn’t! Before Belle can forcibly cross the city lines, Gold comes to the rescue, with- guess what, magic. Maybe Belle should stop complaining about magic, since it just saved her life! Later that day, Gold comes to Belle and explains that he can’t give up magic, because it makes him strong. Without it, he’s just a coward.

Back in Fairy Tale World: On a beach, pops up Captain Hook, looks like him and Cora plan on hitching a ride back to Storybrooke with Emma and Snow. Shit’s about to go down, ya’ll!

“Lady of the Lake”  – Hello Lancelot! Witches and Ogres, Oh my!

This week is pretty quite in Storybrooke. No Regina and Rumple. They’re taking a break from all the drama they’ve caused the past few episodes. In Storybrooke, we get to see quality grandpa and grandson time. The end scene of the two of the fighting with wooden swords was to adorable. I look forward to more quality moments with them.

Before I get into the Fairytale world – PAST, I have to say that Snow’s outfit was awesome! I would totally want something like that for Halloween! Anyway, In Fairytale-PAST, we meet Lancelot, he’s a nice guy who formed a bond with Snow after he takes her to King George. King George is still harboring restatement towards Prince so he decided to poison snow with water. He wants to take away the one thing Snow and Prince really want, a child. What a bastard! King George let’s her leave to find Prince. But the danger isn’t over yet because they have to get to Prince’s mother before King George’s men get to her. They arrive, but not in time to stop any harm from happening. Mama Prince is hurt – she got an arrow shot through her heart. Prince, Snow and Lancelot all decide to take her to drink water that will save her life. Snow still hasn’t told Prince about the curse King George put on her, but Mama Prince can tell something’s was off. So she doesn’t drink in order to allow Snow the joy of being a mother. Another great thing from Fairytale – PAST is we get to see Snow and Prince get married! Lancelot officiates the wedding! Awe, how sweet and romantic! I love these two together.

Meanwhile in Fairytale – PRESENT Snow and Emma need to find their way back to Storybrooke and find their way fast! Snow realizes that they might have one way of getting back. With the help of Lancelot and Mulan, she and Emma make their way through the enchanted forest back to Snow’s house. They hit a few problems along the way. Orges are one. Emma, thinks she’s “got everything handled” because she has a gun. Girl, please. You don’t got this. Snow to the rescue! Because Emma, was about to become the Orges next snack. When they make it back to Snow’s old house, they go to the nursery. What a sweet moment, with Snow and Emma seeing what life they wanted for her. Emma seeing her nursery and realizing all Snow and Prince sacrificed for her Emma’s safety. In a touching moment between mother and daughter we got to see actually emotion from Jennifer Morrison. Bravo! Lancelot shows up because he wanted to make sure Snow and Emma were safe. But Snow can feel something is off — turns out Lancelot isn’t Lancelot. He’s Cora! Da Bitch! She killed Lancelot a long time ago and has been posing as him ever since. Cora wants a way to Storybrooke so she can pay her daughter Regina a little visit and also see Henry. Emma can’t let that happen and burns down the portal, their only known way of getting home! Now what are they going to do?

Oh and one last thing: King George is in Storybrooke!!! How did he get there?!?

“We are Both” Regina is desperate to get her powers back, David looks for Mary Margaret and Emma, The 7 dwarfs discover why can you leave home, but it’s best to stay put. In the Fairytale world, Regina tries to escape her evil mother.

Now that everyone has their powers back, what happens if you try and leave Storybrooke? Well, the seven dwarfs want to find out. Turns out, if you try and leave, you lose all of your fairytale memories. Oh No!

The town is still in disarray from the purple haze that swept it up last week and the town’s people are confused. They want answers from David, who has just lost his wife and daughter. So he’s got other things on his mind. However, the town needs a leader and David’s it.

As David confronts Regina on how to get his family back…. Which I have to say, why is he doing that? Why would he believe anything she says? Come on David! Haven’t we learned better by now? Anyway, David and Regina are going at it. He’s yelling at her regarding her treatment with Henry, but Regina, “Will not take childcare lectures from a man who put his daughter in a BOX and shipped her to Maine.” HA! I have such a LOVE/ HATE relationship with Regina, I feel sorry for her life when her mother was a retched witch. But I also LOVE evil Regina! I will say this; Lana Parrilla is at her best when she’s a magic yielding bitch with an ax to grind. Luckily get plenty of that this episode.

Regina is desperate to get her powers back but can’t seem to get a handle on her magic. So she goes to the only place that can help her, Mr. Gold. Turns out people that he was the one to get her into magic in the first place. Regina’s got her powers back ya’ll! It’s about to get really interesting in Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Regina’s sweet and loveless. Her mother, Cora is a horrible nag who won’t let her live. We see the first meeting between Regina and Rumple. The first thing Regina does when she learns how to use magic? Send her mother away.

Finally, in the last moments of the episode, we see what is going on with Emma and Snow. They are “arrested” by Mulan and Auroa. Snow uses her slick “tae bo” moves to try and escape, but they don’t get that far. They are both thrown into a dungeon and no other than, Cora appears! This gonna be good!

“Broken” – The spell has been broken and everyone remembers who they really are! In the fairy tale world we meet Prince Phillip.

Once Upon a Time is back ladies and gentleman, so let’s dive right in.

Emma is reunited with her mom and dad and it’s a very sweet scene. Magic has returned and everyone wants Regina’s head on a silver platter. They gather at Regina’s house intending on killing her but Snow and Prince convince them otherwise. So she’s locked up instead.

Mr. Gold asks Belle what happened to her all these years and she explains that Regina had her locked away in an asylum for 28 years. Mr. Gold is furious, but Belle is compassionate and clam. She wants Mr. Gold to forgive and forget so they can move on with their lives. I don’t know about you, but if someone did that to me, I’d be a little more upset, so I commend her on her positivity.

Mr. Gold may have promised Belle he wouldn’t kill Regina but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to punish her. That mysterious pendent from the fairy tale world, he has it now. Gold pays Regina a visit in jail and burns Regina’s hand with it. He summons the “dark one” which we learn is a soul sucker and it’s on the way to pay the Queen a visit. Snow, David and Emma come to her defense because Emma promised Henry she wouldn’t allow Regina to die. But it’s not that easy to “kill something that’s already dead.” They have to banish it to another realm. In enters Jefferson’s hate! Emma realizes he wasn’t crazy after all! Regina tries opening the portal with the hat but she’s having a hard time doing so. Regina darling, I think you need to be reminded that you’re the only one marked here, so you might want to try harder. With the help of Emma, Regina gets the hat to work and the soul sucker gets sucked into the other world but takes Emma with it. Snow won’t lose her daughter again and jumps in. David tries to go with them, but the portal closes! I would like to reenact my reaction to this for you, while screaming at my television screen, “NO!!!!!”

In the fairy tale world, we meet Prince Phillip who has awoken Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. She wonders what is going on and Prince Phillip explains that things have changed and there are new dark forces to fight. Well, whatta you know, one of these “dark forces” appears and Phillip fights it off, but not before it leaves behind a mysterious pendent.

Phillip works with Mulan and Princess Aurora to track down the “dark one” but he’s been marked so he takes off in order to protect them. After an intense conversation between Mulan and Aurora, Aurora discovers Mulan loves Phillip. Honey, have you SEEN Phillip? Who wouldn’t love him? And he’s got a hot accent. You’re gonna have to fight hard to keep that one.

Phillip can’t win this fight and he loses his soul. I’m not sure yet if he’s really dead, but I hope not. He’s way too cute to die. As Mulan explains to Aurora that the Queen has cast a horrible spell across the land we hear rumblings from a pile of ruble. It’s Emma and Snow! They’re in the fairy tale world. How the hell are they going to get back?!

Regina now has her powers back, so everyone better watch out.

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