Review of “Small Victories”- Aired 1/8/13

Once again, Parenthood succeeded in leaving me absolutely speechless with last night’s episode.

Over the years, my curiosity about its lack of awards recognition has turned to disappointment to sheer anger. This is THE best show on television…period. Not just network television, not just on NBC…television! Admittedly, I think I might have said that at some point about all my beloved shows, but I mean it this time. If you are not watching Parenthood, you should be! In fact, I pray the entire country gets blanketed with mounds and mounds of snow so that you are forced to do nothing but cozy up under the covers and get to know the Bravermans as intimately as I have throughout the past four seasons. And when you get to season 4, I hope you’re left amazed as I am that an aging show can be at its best four years in.

Last night, Adam and Kristina had the difficult task of guiding Max into puberty. Julia and Joel’s trials and tribulations with Victor continued to escalate, leaving him calling the police to report child abuse at one point. Crosby is trying hard and true to adapt to Jasmine’s mom living with them, but his patience is wearing thin. And Drew finds out Amy is pregnant and has the difficult task of having to support her through getting an abortion.

Part of why Parenthood is so great is because the writers never ever ask viewers to suspend their disbelief. They are simply unwilling to bring any unrealistic aspects into the show, even if risks having a slower-paced episode. The show is so grounded in reality, and it won’t compromise in any way, shape, or form.

And never, ever, ever before have I ever seen a show capable of producing so many great, heart-warming moments in a single 42-minute chunk. Last night alone, greatness was seen:
-In the scene where Camille and Zeek talk about pubic hair and ejaculation with Max, while Kristina squirms with discomfort;
-In the scene where Drew tells Amber about Amy and that he doesn’t want to get rid of the baby;
-In the scene where Joel gets tough with Victor and finally sticks up for Victor;
-In the scene where Adam and Max try to have “the talk,” but Max admits that he’s just not ready for it yet; and
-In the scene where Crosy and Jasmine’s brother passive-aggressively throw jabs at each other.

So, so many raw and honest moments that we probably all feel could be plucked right out of our own family history.

I’d also like to comment on how amazing Miles Heizman was last night. His ability to play the quiet, reserved, and emotional Drew has always caught my attention, but he brought it on last night!

Also, many viewers seem to be bored, disconnected, or annoyed with the Julia-Victor storyline this season, but I think it’s absolutely heartbreaking and I’m about ready to punch that kid in the face!

In addition, I’m sensing the writers are so desperately trying to cause trouble with Jasmine and Crosby again. Please, please, please don’t. I love the two of them together. Make them find some peace!

This has been an amazing season where each episode gets better and better. With only two more to go, I’m excited to see what’s in store, but also sad that I will have to wait nearly nine months until I have a weekly date with the Bravermans.

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